Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave

The problem with reviewing a large amount of books is it's possible to use up all the superlatives, particularly if you are excitable by nature and therefore prone to hyperbole. A list of words comes to mind after reading Chris Cleave's latest work: poignant, witty, searing, beautiful. However, I am fairly certain I have already used those words in relation to other books, and they couldn't possibly have meant the same thing in those cases. I'm going to have to invent new words to describe this book. EBIF employs my favorite kind of protagonists: they're all impossibly clever smart-asses (even better, impossibly clever British smart-asses) able to engage in such elegant, highbrow, witty bant

An Interview With Lisa Duffy, author of The Salt House

One of the things I love most about reading fiction is the opportunity to inhabit a consciousness completely alien to my own. Recently I’ve been an astronaut fleeing a post-apocalyptic earth; a WWII-era British soldier; a 1980s New York financier; and now…a grieving, conflicted Maine lobsterman. Strangely, this last one is the most foreign to me; before reading this book, I’d have been hard-pressed to think of even one paragraph from the perspective of a coastal Maine man in an industry I know nothing about. What would such a man think about? How would he spend his days, and how would he react to the collapse of his world? Well, now I can answer those questions, thanks to this beautifully wr

Interview with K.V. Scruggs, Author of What They Don't Know

Today, I'm speaking with the author of a great new medical thriller, my physician friend K.V. Scruggs. See below for a description of her thought-provoking, intricately plotted futuristic novel as well as an interview about her story and her writing process. In the year 2030, the government has seized control of healthcare. Routine treatment is administered to patients and monitored via in-home telemedicine. Hospitals have been replaced by Centers for Standardized Medicine (CSM). No one is a bigger proponent of the changes than reporter Cheyenne Rose, who lost her mother shortly after the Healthcare Crash of 2018 and her fiancé ten years later after a freak accident. Despite her incredible

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