The Queen of Hearts is Born!

Welp. This is it. I have waited for this day to get here for the last five years. At first it was with a fatalistic acceptance that I was never going to achieve what I wanted, then timid hope, then cautious excitement, and now exhilaration. This may sound a bit overblown because I didn’t cure anyone, or ease anyone’s pain, or invent anything brilliant, or any of the things that count in my day job. I didn’t even manage to write meaningful, elegant literary fiction about the world of medicine. (Don’t get me wrong; what I wrote may be on the entertaining side, but it’s reasonably smart too.) I tried SO HARD to make this happen, y’all. I worked on my manuscript every day until my eyes crossed.

My Junior Partner Ella Biber Reviews The Land of Stories

Please welcome Ella Biber, my newest junior partner! Ella is a third grader and an avid reader. When she’s not swimming or playing with her friends and family, she’s curled up devouring the latest book series. I am thrilled to have her book recommendations! The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms (Book #4) by Chris Colfer I liked this book because Alex and Connor Baily are always up to something – either saving the world or chasing a bad guy. I’m on the edge of my seat every time I read their stories. I liked when Alex and Conner traveled inside different books recruiting an army to save the world while they tried chasing an evil villain. You won’t believe who the villain is! I would reco

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