July 1, 2016

A friend recently suggested I should compile a list of book recommendations for Father’s Day gifts. Owing to extreme domestic dysfunction (i.e. my children are out of school for the summer) this list is rolling in a little late. But it’s a great idea! Thank you, Ali Kr...

February 29, 2016

In a recent conversation, T.J. English, the lauded journalist/author, asked me what I knew about Whitey Bulger. Prior to reading English’s latest work, Where The Bodies Were Buried: Whitey Bulger and the World That Made Him, my recollections of Bulger were half-formed,...

November 1, 2015

Fair warning: once you’ve read it, you can’t unread it.

Karin Slaughter’s latest novel Pretty Girls snatches the genre of psychological suspense and infuses it with gritty descriptions that nearly froze my face in a mask of shocked surprise. I’m not squeamish—I’m an ER...

March 1, 2015

Last month, I lucked into a bunch of Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of mostly as-yet unpublished books, which is almost the coolest freebie ever! (Almost. I also self-identify as a fashionista, in case anybody from Prada is reading this.) Anyway, switching back into my B...

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