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My Novel Has A New Title...

Our long national nightmare has finally drawn to a close. No, not that nightmare. I'm talking about the one where me and four other deeply interested people can finally stop wondering what the new title of my novel will be. (Who knew it was harder to title a book than to write one?) The publisher did not love my original title, and after I came up with about 5000 suggestions, ranging from boring to overly dramatic to unintentionally hilarious, we finally settled on one that everyone likes.

The book is about a pediatric cardiologist and her closest friend, a trauma surgeon, who, during a traumatic professional crisis, face the revelation that one of them is hiding a massive secret. It will be released in May 2018 by Penguin Random House. It took me a year to write it. It took more than a year to edit it and have other people read it and re-edit it. Then I re-wrote it again. Then it took another year to get an agent. She sold it very fast, but I had to re-write it again with a new plot line. Then there's a very long publishing process, where lots of mysterious things happen, and finally it will be published. For a book nerd like me, this will be the highlight of my life, even if no one buys it.

So... after all that, I'm pleased to announce that this thing is finally real. The new title is:


I hope you <3 it!


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