Hannah, Compton, and Kira have been close friends since medical school, reuniting once a year for a much-needed vacation. Just as they gather to travel in Spain, an outbreak of a fast-spreading virus throws the world into chaos.

When Compton Winfield returns to her job as an ER doctor in New York City, she finds a city changed beyond recognition—and a personal loss so gutting it reshapes every aspect of her life.
Hannah Geier’s career as an ob-gyn in San Diego is fulfilling but she’s always longed for a child of her own. After years of trying, Hannah discovers she’s expecting a baby just as the disease engulfs her city.
Kira Marchand, an infectious disease doctor at the CDC in Atlanta, finds herself at the center of the American response to the terrifying new illness. Her professional battle turns personal when she must decide which of her children will receive an experimental but potentially life-saving treatment.

Written prior to Covid-19 by a former emergency medicine physician, Doctors and Friends incorporates unexpected wit, razor-edged poignancy, and a deeply relatable cast of characters who provoke both laughter and tears. Martin provides a unique insider’s perspective into the world of medical professionals working to save lives during the most difficult situations of their careers.


"Once again, Kimmery Martin shines while deftly blending her laudable skills as a physician and storyteller. Written prior to COVID, Doctors and Friends is an eerily foretelling and poignantly relatable tale of a devastating pandemic that upends the world. Through the eyes of three female doctors and longtime friends, the reader is reminded of the heart-wrenching tragedies, medical feats, and impossible choices that make such a cast not only heroic but, above all, human.” — Kristina McMorris, NYT bestselling author of Sold on a Monday


"Doctors and Friends is an astounding achievement. It's both an eerily timely portrait of a world in the grips of a deadly pandemic and a poignant dive into the interior lives of the medical workers at its forefront. I was profoundly affected by these characters. I became emotionally attached to them and deeply invested in the outcome of their stories. I know they will stay with me for a long time." — Cristina Alger, NYT bestselling author of The Darlings


"The beating heart of this fast-paced and intensely moving novel is the warm, life-sustaining friendship between a group of doctors on the frontlines of a global pandemic. Martin shines a sharp, compassionate light on the lives of the women behind the masks and scrubs during a crisis that is both achingly familiar and punctuated by twists and turns you won’t see coming. I couldn’t put it down!" — Meg Donohue, bestselling author of You, Me, and the Sea


"An incredibly prescient book that is both thrilling and inspiring. Martin draws upon her deep knowledge to create a story and characters that are stunningly real. At turns hilarious, heartbreaking, and intense; I flew through this book." — Kathy Wang, bestselling author of Family Trust and Imposter Syndrome


"Kimmery Martin’s Doctors and Friends is nothing shy of stunning. While delivering the depth, wit, and soul that continues to garner both readers' love and critics' acclaim, she deftly reminds us that no crisis will ever shrink our capacity for love -- and when threatened -- our will to fight back. Absolutely brilliant." — P.J.Vernon, bestselling author of Bath Haus 


"As an infectious disease physician living through a pandemic as a mother, a citizen, and as an affected patient, I saw myself through the pages of this book. I sobbed, I laughed, and I found myself moved by the characters, and their experiences— I lived their anguish, their loss and their joy through the pages." — Freshta Jaghori, M.D.


“Dr. Kimmery Martin has crafted an energetic, powerfully-written novel about a group of vital and brave friends/doctors.” — Samuel Shem, M.D., bestselling author of House of God and Man’s 4th Best Hospital

"Doctors and Friends is a stunning medical drama that will resonate with readers everywhere. I was riveted. Kimmery Martin's sharp, smart writing is infused with compassion, emotion and a belief in the healing power of friendship, love and hope.” — Jayne Ann Krentz, internationally bestselling author


Doctors and Friends is a stellar work of prescient fiction that grab readers' attention and will not let go until the final harrowing scene. Author and doctor Kimmery Martin knows her fellow doctors, her medicine, and how to craft a cast of characters with phenomenal empathy, compassion, and integrity. Having lived and experienced the world through the lens of the Covid shutdown, I can highly recommend Doctors and Friends as the message of hope that the world needs, as well as a powerful novel. Book club members will read it in or two sittings and be begging for the discussion.” — Pamela Klinger-Horn, bookseller


Gripping and compelling, Doctors and Friends is an eerily prescient “what if” pandemic scenario. Martin has created a powerful narrative of friendship and loss, played out in concurrent storylines: the one we all just lived through, and the one created for us on the page. Horrifying and heartbreaking, the redemptive power of love, friendship and loyalty shine through.  We should all be so lucky as to have the supporting cast Martin has created for her characters. Perhaps we would all feel more prepared to face our own post-pandemic world." — Julie Clark, NYT bestselling author of The Last Flight


"Yes, Doctors and Friends is timely, but it’s so much more than that. It’s an introspective, heartfelt story of deep friendships, impossible choices, intense twists and a great deal of what we all crave right now: hope. Put this on your TBR immediately!" — Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke, authors of How To Save a Life