Jonah's Song

I know I knew I went I came I turned the corner and called your name I searched for fire, for love, for life I heard your voice through blackest ice I looked for you in grime and grit through heaping hills of counterfeit I hunted hope on VR screens in fairytales and in dreams through desert sand and arctic floes on eyelashes of embryos in dying stars and Georgian clay atomic dust and cabernet I thrust my heart toward sweet vibration not you, they said: Abomination and still I bowed before the noble ever wandering ever hopeful through circuit boards and dazzling towers I tracked your scent for countless hours I scoured the earth til it degraded wizened wretched sick and aged and all the while

Kimmery’s Top Ten Tips For A Good First Draft

Our topic this week is first drafts, and let’s be honest: I am not a trained writer. I don’t have an MFA or a background in journalism or even an English major. So it might amaze you that my novel (now titled The Queen of Hearts) was in near-flawless form when I finished its first draft. Revision? Ha! I had to look up the meaning of the word. I’m not saying I managed to hit every one of the guidelines listed below, y’all, but I came darn close. It takes a special kind of literary genius to accomplish so much right out of the gate, but I’m not selfish. To commemorate my foray into the novel-writing world, I have compiled a list of tips—based on my initial manuscript— for anyone out there who

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