The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison

A silent wife is a gift from the Lord, and nothing can be traded for her self-discipline. Sirach 26:14. For some reason, the church that married my husband and me offered this verse as one of our choices to be read during the ceremony. (Before your face cracks from smirking, let me just point out they offered this verse to everyone, not just me. Needless to say, my husband was delighted with this, and starts bellowing “Silent wife! Gift from the Lord!” whenever I’m right and he’s wrong about something.) I don’t know if A.S.A. Harrison related the title of her novel to this verse or not. Tragically, she died just before the book’s publication in June 2013; she lived long enough to know that h

Multiple Review: Ghost Fleet, China Rich Girlfriend, Crow Hollow and The Good Neighbor

This is another one of those times when I’ve read quite a bit but nothing stands out as excellent. That’s about to change, because I’m in the middle of Purity, Jonathan Franzen’s new novel. I’m sure I speak for everyone on earth when I say he’s an unparalleled maestro in the realm of spectacular sentence construction. Stay posted. So…this week, I’ll just summarize a few things I‘ve read lately, some of which you may want to avoid spending money on. All of these books have redeeming characteristics, but, sadly, they were not for me. Lots of people loved these, though, so maybe you’ll disagree. First up: Ghost Fleet: A Novel of The Next World War, by Peter Singer and August Cole. Military Fict

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