Kimmery's Top Five Favorite Quotes About Writing (Plus One Quote About Coffee)

We all know December is traditionally hellish, what with the looming holiday madness, the ten thousand “festive event” obligations, and the ubiquitous viral plague that bitchslaps everyone into total uselessness. Here at The Deb Ball, we decided to take it easy on ourselves this week. So instead of writing real columns, we’re listing a handful of favorite quotes on writing. (Or that’s what I’m doing, anyway. For fun, I added intriguing analysis after each quote.) Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money. ~Ashish Chauhan (Wait, there’s going to be money?) The first draft of anything is shit. ~Ernest Hemingway (I used this qu

Kimmery’s Timeline to Publication

Back when I was engaged in the humbling process of querying, I held a keen interest in other Back when I was engaged in the humbling process of querying, I held a keen interest in other people’s publication stories, especially if they were full of initial angst and failure. I wanted to know this: how long did it take, and how hard was it? Because for me, it took forever, and it was hard as hell. I can state with confidence that all debut writers are intensely curious about other people’s timelines, both for the querying process and the process after you’ve been accepted for publication. I can also state with confidence that you’re making an error of catastrophic proportions if you look at so

Interview with Anna Quinn, author of The Night Child

I met Anna Quinn through a Facebook group for debut authors and was immediately intrigued both by her background and her book. Anna, a bookstore owner in the glorious northwest corner of Washington state, has a life I might have over-romanticized in my imagination: I picture her ensconced in a cozy backroom in her shop, pecking away at an old-fashioned black typewriter, a steaming mug of coffee at hand as outside her window the gray Pacific surf pounds. Or maybe that's not all that romanticized. Anna Quinn is already an accomplished writer, with material published in a slew of literary journals and anthologies. She also boasts thirty years of experience leading writer's workshops across the

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