Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven

Let's start out with a synopsis. Libby, formerly “America's fattest teen,” is about to become a junior in high school. She is still recovering from her mother’s death a few years before, but she is determined to live on. She wants to find friends, find love, and take advantage of every opportunity life offers. Jack has prosopagnosia, a neurological disorder that inhibits him from recognizing people's faces, even the ones of those he loves. He keeps this a secret, and he’s gotten pretty good at it. So good that instead of being authentic, he hides behinds his invented persona of swagger and indifference. When the her first day of school rolls around, Libby is greeted tentatively by her classm

My Novel Has A New Title...

Our long national nightmare has finally drawn to a close. No, not that nightmare. I'm talking about the one where me and four other deeply interested people can finally stop wondering what the new title of my novel will be. (Who knew it was harder to title a book than to write one?) The publisher did not love my original title, and after I came up with about 5000 suggestions, ranging from boring to overly dramatic to unintentionally hilarious, we finally settled on one that everyone likes. The book is about a pediatric cardiologist and her closest friend, a trauma surgeon, who, during a traumatic professional crisis, face the revelation that one of them is hiding a massive secret. It will be

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Note: all middle grade fiction is reviewed by my ten-year old son, Alex. Hatchet is about a thirteen year old boy named Brian Robeson. His parents are divorced, and he knows the secret to why after he saw something happen. Now he is sitting in the co-pilot seat of a single engine plane to northern Canada to visit his father when a horrible event happens. The plane crashes into a lake after the pilot dies right next to Brian. All the sudden he’s alone in the Canadian wilderness with only a hatchet that his mom gave him. Not knowing what problems he will face. Will he survive? I’m glad this happened in the summer because if this was in the winter I think he would die. But even so, he has to ke

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