Multiple Review: Hollow Man, The Killing Kind, A Life Intercepted and Center of Gravity

Last month, I lucked into a bunch of Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of mostly as-yet unpublished books, which is almost the coolest freebie ever! (Almost. I also self-identify as a fashionista, in case anybody from Prada is reading this.) Anyway, switching back into my Book Nerd hat, here is one medium-long review and three short ones. Alternatively—here are reviews of three man-books and one chick-lit novel. Enjoy! HOLLOW MAN by Mark Pryor: Meet Dominic. He’s an Austin prosecutor who moonlights as a musician in the city’s vibrant after-hours clubs. Despite a career taking down bad guys, Dominic is hiding something startling: he’s a sociopath, born completely without empathy for other human be

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