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Catch You Later, Traitor by Avi

Note from Kimmery: all middle grade books with boy protagonists are reviewed by my nine year-old son, Alex, and may contain spoilers. If you are looking for recommendations for a boy aged 7-12, please read on!

This story is about a boy named Pete Collison, who likes detective stories. He lives in 1951, the time where America was at war with Korea.

Then a unthinkable thing happens: an FBI agent comes to Pete's house and accuses his father of being a communist.

Pete has to do some crazy things to figure out whether or whether not his father is/was a communist. Crazy things such as spying on his dad, digging in his dad’s files, and discussing it with so many people, some not even in his family. Pete feels worried about his dad, and also about his self. People at his school start to think he is a traitor, and he has to understand the truth.

I liked this book because it is a great mystery and because the main character is brave, thoughtful, and smart. I would rate this book 4 and a half stars. It is one of my favorites I have read.

You can buy Catch You Later, Traitor by clicking HERE.

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