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Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor by Jon Scieszka

Note from Kimmery: all middle grade books with boy protagonists are reviewed by my ten year-old son, Alex, and may contain spoilers. If you are looking for recommendations for a boy aged 7-12, please read on!

This is about a very smart boy that builds two robots named Klink and Klank.

Together they figure out how to build an antimatter motor. I would explain what that is, but it gives away too much. They are done and ready to win Frank's school science fair, until someone tries to stop them.

I liked this book because:

1. It has science in it.

2. It's cool to see how he builds Klink, Klank and The ANTIMATTER MOTOR, and there are lots of ilustrations.

3. Dronebugs and robots are cool.

I give it five stars for sure.

Buy Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor HERE

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