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The Debutante Ball and the Princess

At my wedding, my sister told a story of how we used to play a game when we were little called The Princess and the Servant. In this game an inviolable rule existed: the older child would always be the Princess and the younger child would always be the Servant. My sister, being a sweet and unsuspecting soul, went along with this rule for years before thinking to question it, at which point the Princess apparently suggested moving on to a new game.

Despite this excellent training, I did not grow up to become a princess. My castle is not overrun with people at my beck and call, there are no adoring crowds anxious to do my bidding, and there is nary a tiara in sight. I am pleased to announce, however, that for a period of one year, I'll be the next-best thing:

A Debutante.

You might reasonably question how this happens at my age, which is not twenty. To my delight, I have been selected as one of five members of the 2018 class of The Debutante Ball, which celebrates female authors making their literary debut. This is super cool: prior years' Debs have gone on to be lauded, bestselling authors, and the site has featured guest posts from such bookish superstars as John Grisham, Jodi Piccoult, Jamie Ford, and Margaret George, among many others.

So. Every single week for one year, I will be producing a blog post about writing, or books, or sometimes, me. And sometimes I will derail completely and write about whatever needs to be written about that week. If you enjoy reading or writing, this is a great site for you to follow. I hope you will join me and the other four fabulous ladies from time to time. I promise it will be entertaining. You can read my first post, about six things I do well and four things I do really badly, HERE. (And you'll also find out why no one wants to sit next to me in church ;)

Oh, and as it turns out: I do get a tiara.

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