Jonah's Song

November 29, 2018


I know I knew I went I came

I turned the corner and called your name

I searched for fire, for love, for life

I heard your voice through blackest ice


I looked for you in grime and grit

through heaping hills of counterfeit


I hunted hope on VR screens

in fairytales and in dreams

through desert sand and arctic floes

on eyelashes of embryos

in dying stars and Georgian clay

atomic dust and cabernet


I thrust my heart toward sweet vibration

not you, they said: Abomination

and still I bowed before the noble

ever wandering ever hopeful


through circuit boards and dazzling towers

I tracked your scent for countless hours

I scoured the earth til it degraded

wizened wretched sick and aged


and all the while I could not see

you are whole; the wraith is me

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