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My Junior Partner Ella Biber Reviews PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS

Please welcome Ella Biber, my returning junior partner! Ella is a fourth grader and an avid reader. When she’s not swimming or playing with her friends and family, she’s curled up devouring the latest book series. I am thrilled to have her book recommendations!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

It was my cousin who first suggested I read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and I’m glad she did! I went to my favorite bookshop during my family beach vacation to buy the first of five books in the series. During early mornings in a tower loft and quiet afternoons in my mom’s bed, I sat and devoured the series.

I think others would like these books too because they're very exciting with surprise monster attacks and fabulous fights with the titans. Percy, the main character, is the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Annabeth is the other main character. She is the daughter of Athena, the Greek god of wisdom. Both girls and boys would like this series because Percy and Annabeth work together to save the world. Nothing is too girlish or boyish!

My favorite part was from the third book when Percy was trying to hold up the sky. The author did a great job describing how Percy was feeling – his muscles were melting and his bones were on fire! The author makes me feel like I’m there in the action.

Dyslexia plays an interesting role in this series, because Percy has a hard time reading. When he discovers he is better at reading the Greek language than English, he finds out that he’s a half blood (half human and half demigod). All half bloods have dyslexia.

I think this series would be especially amazing for kids with dyslexia because it would show them that these main characters are strong, creative, and smart, and they have a gift.

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