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My Junior Partner Ella Biber Reviews: The Mr. Terupt Book Series

Please welcome Ella Biber, my returning junior partner! Ella is a fifth grader and an avid reader. When she’s not swimming or playing with her friends and family, she’s curled up devouring the latest book series. I am thrilled to have her book recommendations!

Have you ever had a teacher who has impacted your life? If readers are looking for a charming book series this summer, I suggest The Mr. Terupt series, which includes three books: Because of Mr. Terupt, Mr. Terupt Falls Again, and Saving Mr. Terupt.

I love these books because the author, Rob Buyea, invites you into the minds of seven middle schoolers, who are impacted by a magnificent teacher. When an accident strikes in the first book, you will not be able to stop turning the pages!

As the characters grow up and enter high school, they realize they need Mr. Terupt more than ever. They will also recognize that Mr. Terupt may need them too - they can’t let him fall again!

Here’s a little insight into each of the characters: Peter’s the class clown. Alexia’s the queen of the classroom. Luke’s very smart. Jessica's the new girl. Anna’s the shy one. Jeffery has something bothering him - what could be wrong? And Danielle isn’t sure what’s happening to her body.

Readers may like this book because it’s fun to see which character is most like you. They will also like this book because in the beginning, the kids don’t know each other well. At the end of the year, Mr. Terupt changes that. They stand up for each other if one is hurt or bullied. When they have to leave Mr. Terupt, their friendship matters more than ever.

When readers are looking for a good book this summer, keep in mind the three Mr. Terupt books.

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